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Hi Everyone! We hope you have been healthy, happy and glowing in your Curvaceous Fashion Wear today, if not c’mon now! Why aren’t you?! First of all, Happy November ladies! We had a wonderful time with family and friends (in a social-distancing manner ofc.) this weekend, especially seeing our grandkids dressed up Saturday night for Halloween. 

Searching for online style inspiration, it’s easy to fall down the black hole of Insta-hell. When you finally look up from your phone, you realise you’ve spent two whole days scrolling through feeds – and you’re still in your dressing gown, with no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there). Which sort of defeats the point.

Today our team is here to help you find your next outfit, whilst appreciating the fashion and style trends that the autumn/winter of 2020 has to offer! Courtesy of our very talented and amazing clothier and couturiers we would like to present to you our Bat Sleeve Woolen Coat! The Curvaceous Fashion kimono-style wool coat is beautiful looking and ideal for evening parties and online zoom events! Autumn fresh yet made from cosy double-faced wool, this jacket is a brilliant buy for the new season. You can wear it with a chunky cable knit sweater while it’s still cold, then swap for merino knits and simple cotton t-shirts when spring finally arrives.

Spice up your wardrobe with this stylish light brown winter woolen coat with bat sleeve and hoodie. Our free fall women's long coat will give you a trendy and sophisticated appearance at all times, it’s created for wondrous curves. A lovely look. Buying a coat is always a big deal – not least because of the outlay. But this year, when we could well be spending more time outside than normal, finding the Right One is more of a riddle than ever...



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