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We have the pleasure of interviewing the newest Instagram curvy model Rhnay, a few interesting questions surrounding Curvy Fashion and the inspiration and concerns surrounding it. Rhnay is new to the modeling scene but has already featured in Ads for overseas fashion stores and other modeling jobs as well as featuring for Curvaceous Fashion.


 Check out what she had to say below

1. Do you feel curvy fashion is more accepted now than say 3 years ago? why? Yes I most definitely feel like curvy fashion has changed and is a lot more accepting

2. Who would you say you got your fashion inspiration from? If I’m honest I just do my own thing if it fits looks good and I like it I wear it!

3. Has there ever been a time where you were not comfortable in your own skin? & what brought about the change of acceptance? If there was ever a time it would have been growing up always being the big one out of everyone but now I feel big girls are more accepted I’m okay

4. What are some of your current fashion obsessions? Loving dresses I’m currently trying to change my style of dressing trying not to play it so safe!

5. What is your goto piece for everyday wear? I love leggings 😩😩 they are my go-to it’s weird you can dress it up and down !

6. Growing up was their any challenges you faced within fashion or just being a curvy girl? Yes wanting to wear things because I felt comfortable but people’s opinions made me feel uncomfortable like I shouldn’t be wearing the item

7. If you could only pick 5 pieces from your closest to pack on quick vaca what would they be? Hmm deffo a tummy holder, a pair of leggings, a black dress, Levi’s top, jeans

8. Why is fashion so important to you? I would say it’s important because it defines you as a person and especially being plus-sized you could inspire someone who isn’t as confident because of an item of clothing you wear it gives them the confidence for them to feel like yes they can wear the item too

9. Favorite Outfit? Ooooo that’s hard I’d say it would be my ice cream coloured set from curvaceous fashion with a bright coloured top and some sandals

10. Looking back what can you advise the younger you for the future? GIRL if you like it and your confident WEAR IT!! rock it and SMILE

11. A fashion rule you never break? When wearing dresses always have a tummy control

Thank you Rhnay for taking part be sure to follow this beaut @rhnaydonaldson_x  be on the lookout for her Guys





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