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Are you a curvy or plus-size goddess who wants to own your curves?

We live in an era of “vanity sizing” where clothing manufacturers have cleverly learnt to size down clothing measurements to give the false idea that a smaller size equals a thin body shape which equates to beauty, (well...according to our society). We've been brainwashed to be driven by numbers: how many calories we consume, how much we weigh on a scale, what size dress we wear and how many calories we burn during exercise. ⁣⁠At Curvaceous, we want you to start to reframe the beliefs that have been drilled into us, by realising that it really doesn't matter what number is inside of our clothing tab, what matters is how we FEEL wearing them and how much confidence the clothing gives us. ⁣⁠⠀

As curvy girls, we've always been given "advice" about what's best to wear for our body shape, but the problem is this advice is usually given by petite fashion writers or...men! 

You don't have to cover up your body, wear what feels good to you. Here are our top tips to flaunt the curves that deserve to be seen! 


This is a great way to give your body some dimension. Embrace your curves - give them some life and no more hiding away! Pair up a maxi dress with a flowy kimono, or jumpsuit with an opened shirt (you can even tie it up at the waist. 


Don't be afraid to wear colour! A great style tip for curvy girls is to pick a base colour and then use the “layered “ item as an accent colour to really make your outfit pop. Be bold and use colour - it’s your best friend trust us!


No more going up a size to cover your curves, all this does is makes you appear larger due to the sagging of the clothing. Allow your clothing to fit your curves well, even "hug" them in the right places!


Use belts to pull in your waistline to draw attention to the smallest part of your body - this will give you an amazing look! 

Whatever you wear and however you wear it - do it with confidence and your style will shine through! Ready to get CONFIDENT, SEXY, CURVY?! Shop our new in range of clothing here - stylish plus-size clothing created for your curves. 


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