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Curvaceous Fashion is a Black-owned UK business. Although we cater to and champion ALL women, we strive to use our brand and platform to amplify Melanated voices, celebrate other Black business and educate our customers.

Last week, we celebrated and acknowledged Windrush Day, which marks the 72nd anniversary of the arrival of the first post-war Caribbean migrants. Between 1948 and 1970, nearly half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain, which in 1948 faced severe labour shortages in the wake of the Second World War. The immigrants were later referred to as "the Windrush generation". Working age adults and many children travelled from the Caribbean to join parents or grandparents in the UK or travelled with their parents without their own passports. 

The Windrush generation not only came to the UK and did the jobs that the British didn’t seem fitting for themselves to undertake but they came and made the UK a part of them, this was now their home after 50+ years of being within the UK. They became a part of society and a integral part of the working class back in the 1940’s. Despite this, they still had to face racism daily and were degraded on a daily basis, just for going about their lives - when they came to the UK for a better life for themselves and their families they brought with them. 

Can you begin to imagine working day in day out to support your family, coming to a foreign country leaving all you knew back home to settle in a new place for a better life, thinking that your papers were all above board (not that back then they were efficient as they are today) then years down the line - centuries in fact - the blow comes that your paperwork which allows you to remain a British citizen has been revoked due to insufficient paperwork or lost documentation, through no fault of your own? After all of those years of contributing to the British economy, to have your rights swiftly taken from under your feet and be deported back or yet held in a prison cell like a criminal? Or, if you were one of the "lucky" ones, you may have lost your job as you were unable to work while trying to prove you were rightfully allowed to remain a British citizen. Many people affected by this entered into depression and were consumed with anxiety, as the life they once had was cruelly taken away. With no glimmer of hope given. How would you feel if you were part of the Windrush generation? 

When my grandmother and father arrived in Britain back in the 40’s from Dominica, they were merely young adults. They arrived during this period of the Windrush but they were both part of the small number of lucky individuals who had their documentation. My family's outcome could have been a very different story and sadly, my grandparents both had friends who had to suffer the fate of the mess and scandal of the home office. Many are still to this day, living in limbo with the battle of trying to remain in Britain.

At Curvaceous Fashion, we want to acknowledge and thank the Windrush generation for their hard work and contribution to British society. Today and everyday we celebrate the Windrush Generation and will keep telling their stories!

Click here to read an incredible poem by Professor Laura Serrant, written to celebrate the Nurses of the Windrush Generation.

"Remember, Britain……you called.


 Windrush Generation Quotes


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