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⁣Hey Shauna! Thanks for chatting with the editorial team today :) We have some burning questions we can't wait to ask, so let's get started!⁣


What made you decide to launch a womenswear curve brand?⁣
I wanted to finally launch my brand and have it aimed at the curvy body types because I myself know the struggles of trying to find clothing that was flattering to my size. Having grown up with my own weight issues and really not having the clothing that my friends had who was smaller than myself, I really wanted to fit in and not look frumpy in the clothing that was available at that time. I knew then that there was a market that was open to the brand and to my fellow curvy queens!⁣

Why is catering to curves so important to you?⁣
Oh wow, the importance is to show that just because you have more curves than other women, you can still dress confidently, look stylish and sexy! Our clothes are designed to show off your curves and embrace the beautiful bodies that we all have!⁣

How did you come up with the name Curvaceous Fashion?⁣
Well it was quite simple really, I wanted a name that spoke for itself, that was instantly known for the intended market - being curvaceous women ( voluptuous, curves, shapely woman) it was all that embodies the brand and fashion because that's what the items are!⁣

What is your opinion on the current “plus size” marketplace?⁣
I feel that there are a lot more options now than before, the last 3 years I would say the change came about and the market opened up more for the curvy ladies, it was about time! We had waited and made do for far too long. However, there are few brands that I feel are aimed at the "lesser the material the better the look" which is not how we all want to dress.⁣

Who inspires you in business?⁣
There are so many people who have inspired me! Firstly it would have to be my mother - she has been a great supporter and someone who has always given me the drive to continue, along with my family. Then we have the celebs who are just rocking so hard for the curvy ladies - Lizzo, Jasmin Sullivan, Rebel Wilson, they are really showing the world that curves are "normal". It's okay to have cellulite, dimpled skin, an extra roll here or there - it's all love, it's okay to be YOU!⁣

If you could remind your customers of one thing, what would it be?⁣
To be FABULOUS in your walk to be KIND to yourself and continue to be a CURVY QUEEN!⁣

What's your soundtrack to feeling Confident, Sexy & Curvy?⁣
Right now it would be: Lizzo - That B@tch, Alicia Harley- Rushing or Ms. Banks - Snack.⁣

Who would you LOVE to see wearing Curvaceous Fashion?⁣
Everyone that stands for what the brand is...curvy, fashionable, confident females - we love you all.⁣

What does a day in the life look like for the Curvaceous Fashion founder?⁣
It's a very hectic day, up early! Firstly mummy duties then off to the office to respond to emails, liaising with my marketing lady who is amazingggg and general office work, sorting orders ensuring they are processed on time, getting all my accounting up to date and working on new inventory for the website. I don't clock off from work once I'm home, I am still attending to the business throughout the evening as well as attending to my daughter “homework time “ & preparing dinner. It's literally a 24/7 business, I do need to relax a bit more! But at the same time, it's my passion and I just love what I do.⁣

What are your goals and dreams for 2020 and beyond?⁣
To be better than I have been, for the brand to be more widely known which is in the right direction, create an incredible range of clothing for curvy girls who want to express their style, to have more wonderful curvy ladies becoming partners/ambassadors for the brand and to really expand a lot more in 2020!⁣

Thanks so much for chatting to us Shauna!⁣
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    This blog is great! I love the brand and what you are achieving. I agree with so much you have said and relate to the struggles all to well 🤣
    Keep pushing forward and doing well

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